We believe that financial literacy is the key to eradicating unhealthy living conditions, as well as the biggest missing ingredient in our current educational system.


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school is out

Chris and DeAndria Lacy Foundation, Inc., After School Program is
designed to nurture the spirit, educate the mind, promote the development of
the whole youth, to educate youth between the ages of 11 through 22, by
stimulating the intellectual curiosity of each at risk youth. Primary
prevention and early intervention through our health and fitness can help
children increase coping skills and to emulate healthy behavioral patterns
instead of negative ones. This program endeavors to lower the incidence of
emotional disorders offering a balanced development which stimulates each
youth’s intellectual curiosity and the desire for lifelong learning. It also
encourages self-esteem and confidence by recognizing the unique potential
and worth of each child and youth by reducing stress and promoting
conditions that increase confidence and coping skills.

We value the youth as the cornerstone of a successful and productive
community. The proper growth and development of children within the
family structure from prenatal to adolescence is a proven asset to any
community. The youth are culturally and economically diverse and take
many forms. Our aim is to provide all children with quality youth care.

The After School Program provides Career Development initiative,
financial literacy, entrepreneurship, tutorial, Health & fitness and mentoring
services. The program will serve families with children ages 11to 22. These
youths, males will be from various communities. These youth and young
adult with parents or guardians who work, or otherwise are not regularly
available to provide supervision during the out of school hours. These
children are at greater risk of truancy, poor grades, stress, and risk-taking

Because the After School Program will be supervised and directed by
member of Chris and DeAndria Lacy Foundation, Inc., and members of the
community, families feel comfortable participating. The comfort level will
be expanded with extension of an invitation for parents to participate in
enjoyable and culture activities and parent educational workshops.
Motivation is a critical emphasis. We believe that if we can effectively
communicate our stated goals of the program and couple them with the
desired outcomes of the child and family; develop realistic approaches to
achieve the stated goals; and with the mutual commitment made between
the child/family participates and Chris and DeAndria Lacy Foundation, Inc.,
we can ensure successful participation in the program.

The After School Program designed to reach all aspects of a young person’s
life and reinforce positive messages in each. It provides a healthy program
with educational, culture, social, extra-curricular clubs and athletic activities
that reflect the youth’s development levels and personalities. The After
School Program provides year-round services that involve parents,
community leaders and school. The primary focus of the program will be
the availability, affordability, accessibility and quality of structured
program that provide enrichment activities and care to youth 11to 22 of age.
Each youth in the program will be involved in a broad range of activities.
Chris and DeAndria Lacy Foundation, Inc., After School Program will be
delivered in an array of models: peer support, parent participation,
mentoring component and educational.

The After School Program Peer Support modules will provide teaching on
positive, non-judgmental methods of providing support. The training will
include meditation and conflict resolution skills. Within group meeting,
participants will be encouraged to support each other and to share their

The After School Program Parent Participation modules focuses on
mentoring parents, and/or community leaders into responsible role models.
By increasing parents’ awareness of healthy life-style behaviors, increasing
parenting and communication skills and encouraging adults, in the
community to take advantage of educational and job placement
opportunities, parents will become active role models and coaches for their

The After School Program Mentoring module is a strong facet of the health
and fitness. Positive role models, especially males are valuable resources
for children. Mentors will be matched by gender and will receive training

and supervision through the program coordinator. Mentoring will be an on-
going component of the health and fitness.

The After School Program Educational module focuses on completion of
homework, ongoing assessment of needed based on student performance,
and participation in other extra-curricular activities.

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