our mission

Our aim is to supplement what’s missing in the educational system to alleviate the unhealthy practices that cause impoverished conditions.



our vision

We teach professional training to young athletes to further develop their skills
on and off the field. We teach life skills to at risk youth with a central focus on
financial literacy and entrepreneurship.





Chris & Deandria Lacy

Chris and DeAndria Lacy Foundation, Inc., desires to establish a lifelong connection of sowing into our youth.

It is important to understand that although college can be a joyous time, there are also moments of difficulty.

Through those moments, we do not want you to give up nor become defeated.

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growth & development

of youth

We value the youth as the cornerstone of a successful and productive community. The proper growth and development of children within the family structure from prenatal to adolescence is a proven asset to any community. The youth are culturally and economically diverse and take many forms.

Our aim is to provide all children with quality youth care.